Enhanced Protection Growth Management

Our primary investment strategy is called Enhanced Protection Asset Management. It is based on a quantitative trending model that both seeks to protect capital from substantial market downturns with a unique Exit Strategy, as well as invests in securities which we believe are trending stronger than the S&P 500. Our analytic model is updated and assets re-allocated on a weekly basis.

Asset Protection and our Exit Strategy

AssetManageDo you have an Exit Strategy?   Most investors do not.

They may invest funds according to some method but rarely institute any kind of Exit Strategy. We believe protecting client principal is highly important, and at least as important as returns, if not more so. This is because the mathematics of losses determine that, for example, if an investor incurs a 40% loss that same investor must earn 80% just to break even. So we have developed methods which we believe may warn of longer term down markets. We thus believe avoiding significant downtrends may enhance returns. Simply, the more principal that is protected from large down turns the more principal you have to invest in the next good market.

Equity Investing

EquityInvestWe are unique in our approach to equity investing.  Through the use of my unique Enhanced Protection Growth Method, we not only seek to protect principal but enhance returns as well.

Our approach to equity investing is based on the idea of choosing securities which show relative strength with broader based indices, such as the S&P 500. Traditional asset allocation specifies combining assets whose value moves independently of each other (i.e. they are non-correlated). This means those different assets will sometimes move in the same direction as a broader index, but often will not, leading to one where the S&P 500 is moving higher but some parts of the portfolio moving lower. I believe that relative strength investing can improve on that traditional approach. James H. Morgan Asset Management seeks investments which show greater strength than and correlate with the S&P 500, with segments of the equity markets when they are providing positive returns.

Money Management

MoneyManageGet rid of the headache!

We help our clients reduce stress and regain their lives by providing full management of their assets, investment portfolios and cash. We know financial markets are driven by a wide range of factors, we assist clients by focusing on principal protection, relative strength investing and sound financial planning.

Our money management services relieve the pressure our clients can endure through the overwhelming administration of their assets. We stay in communication that allows clients to worry less, knowing their resources are being managed with the upmost care and expertise. Our firm values are key to establishing credibility, trust and expertise, which we keep in the highest regard.

Financial Planning

FinanPlanWhether you are wealthy or not, we want to work with you to help achieve your goals.

Our thorough process will put together both short and long-term strategies that are customized to your specific situation. We will closely work with you to find a managed solution you are comfortable with while using a consultative approach we know works! The areas of focus can include:

  • Asset Protection –Ways Possibly Protect Capital
  • Wealth Accumulation –Good strategies to best to grow your assets
  • Retirement Planning – How to get you retired when you want
  • Estate Planning – Eliminate the uncertainties of managing your estate
  • Risk Management – Identify and mitigate those issues that can be detrimental to your finances
  • Taxation – Explore tax strategies to minimize your tax burden

Working with us will help relieve the burden of planning, worrying and administering your financial responsibilities. We will build a comprehensive plan that you will have confidence in!


All investing involves risk which the investor should be prepared to bear. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Working Towards Success

We want what you want.

At James Morgan Asset Management, we implement a consultative approach to ensure our clients feel comfortable in the financial decisions we move forward with. During the course of a client relationship, we promise we will:

  • Walk you through every step of the process
  • Be available to you for any questions
  • Suggest strategies that you are comfortable with
  • Never implement a tactic without your authorization