Our primary investment strategy involves not only investing in securities we believe will appreciate but we also have developed quantitative metrics which may protect your capital against market downturns. This includes various technical analysis methods including proprietary use of long term moving averages and price action, along with other methods of technical analysis and relative strength. If market action shows certain weakness or potential weakness, we may raise cash levels in your account to protect against market declines. My firm’s methods are reviewed on a weekly basis.

Asset Protection and our Exit Strategy

AssetManageDo you have an Exit Strategy?   Most investors do not.

Most investors do not have an exit strategy, applying a buy and hold strategy. While this strategy may work over time, it may also subject you to significant reductions in your investment account in down or bear markets. Using the above strategies, my firm may increase cash levels in your account to reduce downward fluctuation during difficult market times.

Equity Investing

EquityInvestMy firms approach to equity investing is thus largely based on the idea of choosing securities which show relative strength with broader based indices, such as the S&P 500, as well as attempt to protect your capital during large downturns. I believe that the combination of relative strength investing and capital protection may provide good returns over a longer period of time. Of course, the above approach is not based solely on relative strength investing, and we may purchase securities based on value, for example.

Money Management

MoneyManageGet rid of the headache!

We help our clients reduce stress and regain their lives by providing full management of their assets, investment portfolios and cash. We know financial markets are driven by a wide range of factors, we assist clients by focusing on principal protection, relative strength investing and sound financial planning.

Our money management services relieve the pressure our clients can endure through the overwhelming administration of their assets. We stay in communication that allows clients to worry less, knowing their resources are being managed with the upmost care and expertise. Our firm values are key to establishing credibility, trust and expertise, which we keep in the highest regard.

Financial Planning

FinanPlanWhether you are wealthy or not, we want to work with you to help achieve your goals.

My firm’s approach will put together strategies that are customized to your specific situation and will work with you to find a managed solution to help manage your investment and financial goals.

The areas of focus may include: Wealth Accumulation, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Risk Management, and Tax Strategies.

Working with my firm may help relieve the burden of planning, worrying and administering your financial responsibilities.

All investing involves risk which the investor should be prepared to bear. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.

Working Towards Success

We want what you want.

At James Morgan Asset Management, we implement a consultative approach to ensure our clients feel comfortable in the financial decisions we move forward with. During the course of a client relationship, we promise we will:

  • Walk you through every step of the process
  • Be available to you for any questions
  • Suggest strategies that you are comfortable with
  • Never implement a tactic without your authorization