James Morgan Asset Management is a local financial advisor company in Denver, Colorado helping clients with wealth management, investment, and other financial services. I provide fee-based financial planning and money management services in Colorado that caters specifically to your financial plans. From retirement planning to investment banking to estate planning and more, James Morgan Asset Management is here to help you reach your financial goals. James Morgan Asset Management’s fee-based price model means that I do not earn any commissions on any financial or investment management and planning services. When I make suggestions to you for services and strategic planning, there are no hidden costs. All fees and costs are immediately disclosed to you before decide to use James Morgan Asset Management. If you need a trusted financial advisor in Denver, look no further than James Morgan Asset Management. I am a Certified Financial Planner and an Investment Advisor Representative, meaning I am obligated to act in your best interest at all times. I offer a unique, proprietary investment and fee-only financial planning approach to all of my customers in the Denver area. Check out my services, learn more about me, and use the contact form on my website to get started on planning your financial future.

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We believe protecting principal is every bit as important as returns on investment. We also believe it is better to be invested in securities showing strength, or Relative Strength as we say, to a broader index, such as the S&P 500. Relative strength investing can improve on traditional investing strategies. Using our proprietary approach, we seek investments which may be showing greater strength than the S&P 500. Learn more!